The VERSA Jig is designed to be the Blacksmith's companion. This one tool can and does replace a shop full of individualy fabricated jigs. This is a perfect tool for high production shops in need of dependable repeatability as well as for the hobbyist who would rather spend time making forged items instead of custom tools.

What's included:
  • A New version of our original hook manufacturing jig
  • 4 inches diameter  X  1 7/8  thick with a 1"  X  1"  X  2" Bolt on hardy shank ( can be unbolted and replaced with any configuration that you want )
  • Approx Two inches thick gets the working face of the jig high enough off the anvil face so your hands and tongs have room to perform their task with comfort and safety.
  • Perfect for doing Demonstrations
  • You can clear your bench of many single purpose jigs and just grab this one jig to do most any hook / bending encountered in the average shop.
  • Comes complete with: Hook Jig main body, 11 sizes of pins and bushings, 1  -  1/4 dia hardened dowel pin, 1  -  1/2 dia. hardened center pin, a set of Steel ( doughnuts ) as follows in 1 each. 3/4 - 7/8 -  1"  -  1 1/8 -- 1 1/4  -  1 3/8  -  1 1/2 -- 1 5/8  -- 1 3/4, One Special ADAPTER pin that allows the user to adapt any 1/2 drive socket to this Jig ( even deep well sockets) Which Greatly expands the Versatility of this tool
  • Steel rings ( doughnuts ) are 1 inch thick . ( this allows the user to easily bend flat bar up to 2 inches wide )
  • This jig will cover around 90 percent of the typical hooks that are forged in the average Blacksmith shop where most hooks are 2 inches in dia or under.
Here are a few videos highlighting the VERSA Jig